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10.26.23 - 3 min read

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Hi there!

We are proud to introduce Cape, where we’re challenging the assumption that being connected necessitates giving away your personal information. We are tackling an enormous set of problems that exist thanks to the rise of smartphones and mobile networks as a primary way of accessing the internet. We are enabling connection without compromise.

It’s nearly impossible to live in the US without a mobile phone. You can’t be a knowledge economy worker, a government employee, a college student, or an engaged parent of a public elementary school kid without easy connection to the internet, which for most of us (97%, according to Gallup) means carrying a smartphone. And that means connecting to commercial mobile networks.

Today’s mobile networks are built on an underlying transitive trust. That is: We trust our phones to live with us and hold our most personal information. Our phones in turn trust the most readily available cellular network, and are very forthcoming with the information they share once connected. That network is interconnected to other networks, and those networks trust each other to a surprising degree in order to give you seamless cell phone service globally.

Together, this chain of trust results in our personal data being shared with telcos around the world. It’s also shared with advertisers, and, all too often, with malicious actors. Millions of mobile network subscribers see their personal data breached and their identities stolen, or individual identities stolen via SIM jacking. Ukrainian troop locations are exposed by Russian network based attacks. Ad-id data reveals details of your personal life. The list goes on.

Our first innovation at Cape stems from the realization that this deep, implied trust in the cellular network is not necessary to the connected experience.

Our customers can enjoy a premium mobile experience and take back control of how and when their personal information is made available.

To realize this vision, we had to innovate in a second, important way: by treating mobile networks as software. Traditional telcos think of their networks as physical infrastructure — towers and antennas — that they build in order to service spectrum that they lease or buy from the governments where they operate. In traditional telco, the software that runs the network is secondary. At Cape, we focus on the software. We are doing the hard, technical work to protect your privacy at the network layer, while preserving your mobile experience.

Taken together, these two innovations allow us to make real progress against one of the signature challenges of our time — how to remain connected without sacrificing privacy and security. Cape’s subscribers are our customers, not our product.

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