Our Privacy Principles

Cape.co is our website (the “Website”) which we use to keep you informed about all things Cape. Here is a short summary of our privacy practices on the Website. This summary is intended to be easy to read and understand. Unfortunately, our lawyers require us to also have a longer, more complicated privacy policy as well. You can find it under our full . If you have concerns about these privacy principles, or you otherwise have comments, please, let us know. We are committed to maintaining user-first privacy principles, and that is a work in progress. This is an ongoing conversation, and we want you in it.

Our goal is to minimize the information we collect, and to minimize the extent to which that information is shared after it is collected, while still providing you with a good experience on the Website and ultimately using our products.

  • This Privacy Policy Only Covers the Website: The Website Privacy Policy only relates to how we handle the personal information you share with us via the Website. It is not the privacy policy for our product offerings. We will let you know about our product privacy practices in a separate document as our products launch.
  • We Can Update this Privacy Policy at Any Time: We will likely update this Privacy Policy often. We will post these changes on the Website, so you can always find the latest version. We might also send you notifications about Privacy Policy updates if you provide us with your email.
  • How Do We Collect Your Personal Information? We collect your personal information when you provide it to us on the Website (for instance, when you enter your email address to join our mailing list), or when we collect (for instance, your browser type) through your navigation of the Website.
  • How Do We Use Your Personal Information? We use your personal information (i) to make the website work, including to manage our waitlist and allow you to sign up via email to receive Cape-related news, (ii) for administrative purposes such as to improve the , (iii) to provide you with occasional updates about Cape, or (iv) otherwise only with your explicit consent. We use as our email manager, so they will have your email if you provide it via the Website.
  • To Whom Do We Disclose Your Personal Information? We do not sell your personal information, period. We may disclose your personal information to third parties to (i) make the Website work, such as our service providers like web hosting companies, but that information will not include your email or similar information, (ii) to protect our Website from fraud, theft and misconduct, (iii) to protect the safety, property, or rights of our company or of any third party (for instance, law enforcement authorities if we witness harmful behavior on our Website), (iv) to prevent or stop any illegal, unethical or legally actionable activity, (v) to comply with our legal obligations, such as responding to legal or regulatory inquiries, and (vi) in connection with an acquisition or sale of the Company, as permitted by law. This means if we get acquired, whatever information we have stored will become the property of our acquirer. The acquirer would be required by law to not treat your personal information in a manner that is materially inconsistent with the promises made in this Privacy Policy without providing you notice or obtaining your consent.
  • International Transfers: If you are located outside of the United States, you understand that we may transfer your personal information to the United States, because that’s where our business is headquartered.

How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information? We will keep it only as long as it is useful to send you updates, or make the Website work for you. We prefer to delete data, not store it.