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05.20.24 - 3 min read

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When we say Communication Without Compromise, we mean it

Premium service...
Cape provides cellular service with added privacy and security, but you don’t have to give up great network coverage and speeds to get it. We believe that people who value privacy and security also expect premium service, which in turn depends on .

... requires a differentiated network
Cape will therefore be the first consumer mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to get access to UScellular’s highly differentiated networks comprising dozens of national and regional carriers, forming dense overlapping redundancy in the most hard-to-reach places. Layered coverage from multiple providers means if one has an issue, there are often other networks that Cape service can fall back to.

This patent-pending network architecture was originally stood up for enterprise applications requiring low latency and high reliability, and was not previously available to individual consumers. The difference in coverage is most pronounced in remote places, where network quality tends to be spottier, helping ensure that you can stay connected wherever you go.

Security and Privacy is at the Core of our Network

Software first
Traditional telcos overwhelmingly direct their capital investments towards physical infrastructure like towers and antennas, making software innovation a secondary consideration. We partner with UScellular and use their physical infrastructure, so that we can . It’s the software where your sensitive data lives, and where the hard, technical work to protect your privacy and security needs to be done.

One of a kind
How unique is this? Other MVNOs in the United States are owned by a major telco, or are “light” MVNOs that rely on the core network of a major telco and act effectively as telecommunications resellers. In contrast, Cape is one of the only independent, full-network Mobile Virtual Network Operators in America. In fact, UScellular is breaking new ground by enabling Cape to fully control both our own SIMs and our own mobile core. “We are allowing Cape to be more like a carrier than a light user,” said Mark Foster, Director of Wholesale at UScellular. “They have their own mobile core and other network elements, manage their own phones and have the ability to act like a full carrier.”

Why do we operate our own mobile core?
This is critical because it gives us the flexibility we need to architect private and secure mobile connectivity from the core. A mobile core is software that is central to user privacy and security, as it holds subscriber data, handles the authentication of users and devices connecting to a network, and more. Building and running our own core allows us to implement modern, expert-vetted cryptography and security practices from the ground up. As our discovers emerging threats and technologies, owning our own core allows us to innovate fast and stay a step ahead of today’s cyber threats.

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